DIY Life Insurance

If you’re looking for simple, straightforward cover for sickness, injury or death, take a look at our range of DIY life insurance. Applying for cover is easy – all it takes is a phone call to help give you and your family some financial breathing space in the event of your sickness, injury or death.

Advised Life Insurance

If you want to build a solution with the help of an insurance expert, our advised product suite offers more comprehensive cover with a wider range of options. Our advisers are here to understand your needs, run through your options, or help you build this in as part of your bigger investment picture.


Making a claim is when insurance matters the most, and we’re here to make life easier for you and your family. Dealing with a sickness, injury or death can be difficult. We make it easier with our claims promise. You or your family will deal with a real person, who will manage the claim from beginning to end.


Why Life Insurance?

Life insurance helps protect you financially.  It is designed to give you the ability for you to look after yourself and your family no matter what. It’s impossible to predict your path through life, so we provide financial support should your journey hit some obstacles, from sickness or injury to death. In its most basic form, life insurance is a financial Plan B.

Life Insurance FAQs

Of course you have questions – everyone does. Here are some common questions and answers.