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Real-life claims experiences from ClearView's customers.

Father and daughter looking at mobile phone
19 Oct, 2022

The advice that changed the trajectory of Hugh’s life

Moving a little slower and occasionally forgetting things is usually just a sign of old age, only Hugh was in his mid-50s.Read more
Smiling senior man rock climbing
19 Oct, 2022

Insurance benefits: The payout is only the beginning

In 2021, Anthony was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given five years to live. Fortunately, he had a trauma and life insurance policy with ClearView, giving him and his family invaluable comfort...Read more
Newborn baby resting on mother's chest
19 Oct, 2022

Time to focus on health and recovery

When a complicated pregnancy and subsequent health problems forced egg grader Valencia to stop working for an extended period of time, her family faced a ‘financial disaster’.Read more
Senior woman sitting on couch looking outside window
19 Oct, 2022

After years of unhealthy workplace conditions, Clara had had enough

A series of workplace incidents including a bungled bank robbery left Clara unable to concentrate and function effectively. She turned to her financial adviser and ClearView for support.Read more
Happy mother and toddler son in kitchen
18 Oct, 2022

How a haircut led to life-changing income protection insurance

When Julianna took out life insurance in her mid-20s, she never thought she’d ever need to claim on it.Read more
Senior man in wheelchair looking outside window in retirement home
18 Oct, 2022

Claiming a benefit for terminal illness

After migrating to Australia from England and subsequently being disinherited, retiree Lucy had no one to call on when her husband got terminally ill. A life insurance policy with ClearView turned ...Read more
Senior couple hugging on the beach looking at sunset
18 Oct, 2022

Nothing about Brendan’s death was easy, except dealing with ClearView

Within a month of being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Brendan had passed away. On his deathbed, he was comforted knowing that his life insurance would provide invaluable support to his family, ...Read more
Senior woman and carer hugging
18 Oct, 2022

Dying is really stressful and expensive

As a nurse, Christine lived a life in the service of others. Even in her death, she was only thinking about her daughters.Read more
An elderly man and a younger man sitting beside each other with their arms around each others' shoulders.
18 Oct, 2022

Life insurance’s enduring, generational legacy

Mark has no idea how his late father came to own a ClearView life insurance policy but it provided invaluable financial support and relief during a difficult time for him and his young family.Read more
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