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Wealth creation and wealth protection for every stage of your life

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We only insure people. Not cars or boats or houses. That means our policies are built around human experience. We’re good at working with you through your illness, or with your family as they deal with their grief.

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Growing your wealth takes time and effort, and we all have to start somewhere. Whether you’re just starting out, or already an experienced investor, we have super and investment choices for all stages of life. Manage your own portfolio or let us look after your investment for you.

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Good financial advice is about crafting a strategy to help achieve your financial goals. Our advisers can help you navigate through the complexity of building and protecting your wealth. They’ll cut through the noise by looking through a broad range of investment and protection options and recommend what they think will best help you get where you want to go.

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Clear Insights

Marriage equality’s impact on super

Marriage equality’s impact on super

Recent changes to the Marriage Act 1961 mean any two unmarried people over the age of 18 can legally get married, regardless of their gender and sexual orientation, but are there any consequences for superannuation and life insurance? Jeff Scott investigates.

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Fortune favours the bold and patient

Fortune favours the bold and patient

Investors are still prone to ignoring valuations, following the ‘herd’ and making poor investment decisions, despite better economic tools and the benefit of hindsight. Jessica Schlosser writes.

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