Customers experiencing vulnerability

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Walking with you through tough times

Most of us go through times of stress or vulnerability. At ClearView, we aim to give you extra support if you’re traveling down a bumpy road.

We commit to being compassionate, patient and empathetic. We’ll listen to you and do our best to understand your situation.

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ClearView's family violence statement

At ClearView, we are committed to ensuring the fair, empathetic and sensitive treatment of our customers affected by family violence.

Our experienced staff take additional care to ensure that any decision made considers your safety and wellbeing first, whilst making sure that all information is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

For more information, please refer to our family violence policy.

How to discuss your circumstances with us

To discuss your circumstances with us, you contact us in various ways, including by phone, post and email. Here are our contact details.

We support the use of relay calls (for people with hearing disabilities) and translation services

Where possible, we will provide other options for customers who need it or are in remote areas and help provide solutions for them. Please explain your situation, and we’ll do our best to help.

When can you expect extra help?

Each person’s situation is different, so we’ll try to understand your challenges first. Typically, we’ll try to help if you are facing financial hardship, if you are experiencing domestic violence, or if you are affected by a disaster.

How we can help

Once we’ve understood your situation, we’ll do our best to help you.

For example, if you are experiencing temporary financial hardship, we can consider making changes to your policy. Or we can help to pay out a claim faster than usual. Or benefits might be released to you earlier than specified.

The solution depends on your situation.

You will in any case be assisted by ClearView’s caring service team. They’ll help you and your adviser through any claims (and through the process of investing or buying a policy). We also provide a claims tool kit to help you understand the process. A dedicated claims assessor is assigned to each claim, so you can be sure it is handled with due regard for your situation.

If you prefer to be contacted by phone when purchasing insurance, we also offer tele-underwriting services.

What you can expect

Our promise to you is that we will treat you with care, respect and confidentiality.

We’ll act quickly: In the case of an emergency or disaster we will offer additional options to support you.

If you’re facing vulnerability as an individual, we will remove obstacles that prevent you from receiving the support you need.

We recognise and respect diversity: Australia is enriched by the unique needs and capabilities of many diverse communities. We’ll adjust our requirements where we can to support diverse cultures and customs.

We’ll use plain English as much as possible, and we will explain terms in a clear and concise way when plain English cannot be used.

Where possible information will be provided in a format that can be understood by people with disabilities.

We recognise and respect the preferred pronouns of customers.

If we think there are other services that may be useful, we’ll do our best to connect you to those services.

Customers experiencing vunerability policy

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