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Trustee transparency information for the ClearView Insurance Plan

The ClearView Insurance Plan is a membership category within Division 2 of the HUB24 Super Fund (Fund) (ABN 60 910 109 523, RSE R1074659), issued by HTFS Nominees Pty Limited (Trustee) (ABN 78 000 880 553, AFSL 232500, RSE L0003216) and administered by ClearView Life Assurance Limited (ABN 12 000 021 581, AFSL 227682) and applies to members who hold one of the following products:

  • ClearView ClearChoice Super
  • ClearView ClearChoice Super Rollover
  • ClearView LifeSolutions Super (closed for new business)
  • ClearView LifeSolutions Super Rollover (closed for new business)

The Trustee is responsible for managing the Fund and its service providers to ensure that it complies with all legal requirements and operates in the best financial interests of members. The Trustee is a subsidiary of Equity Trustees (EQT Holdings Limited ABN 22 607 797 615), a professional trustee company established in 1888 by an Act of Victorian Parliament.

Fund and Trustee information

Significant event notices (SEN)

SENs, if any, for the products listed above, can be located along with our Product Disclosure Statements here.

Investment returns

Rollover monies in ClearView ClearChoice Super Rollover are invested in a life investment policy, which after the deduction of insurance premiums and any taxes that are immediately payable, issues units in the ClearView ClearChoice Super Cash Fund.

Rollover monies in LifeSolutions Super Rollover are invested in a life investment policy, which issues units in the ClearView Life Super Cash Fund.

The investment performance for the above two funds are detailed below.

The performance returns are calculated net of fees and taxes. All returns were calculated for the relevant period ending 30 June 2022. Performance returns for periods greater than one year are annualised. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

While past performance is not an indicator of future performance, investment history has shown:

  • investments with potentially higher long-term returns tend to have more variable returns and have a greater chance of negative returns in the short-term; and
  • investments that provide more stable returns, with less chance of negative returns, have tended to produce lower returns over the long-term and would expect less fluctuation in returns and less chance of capital loss.

Please refer to the ClearView ClearChoice Super Rollover Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) or the ClearView LifeSolutions Super Rollover PDS for more information. These PDS can be found here.

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