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Even when your super is sorted, you may have other life goals to save for, whether your children’s education, that trip around the world, or a holiday hideaway.

ClearView offers several options for you to invest in.

ClearView Managed Investments

This product is designed for investors looking for a straightforward product with broad investment choice:

  • Our suite of diversified investment options is professionally managed and designed for a range of needs.
  • You’ll have online access to your account through the ClearView Portal 24/7 and you can also transact over the phone via our friendly Service Centre.
  • You’ll have the flexibility to make additional investments or partial withdrawals, and to switch investment options.

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ClearView WealthSolutions Investments

WealthSolutions is an investment platform designed for investors wanting comprehensive choice, and the flexibility to design a portfolio that suits them. Features include:

  • A range of investment options, including managed funds, managed portfolios, Australian and international listed securities and term deposits.
  • Tax-effective management with tax calculated at account rather than fund level.
  • A fee discount for eligible accounts.
  • Online access to your account via the online InvestorHUB or MyHUB app

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Individual funds and portfolios

ClearView also offers individual investment products that can be accessed via a range of investment platforms (like our own WealthSolutions platform).

CFML Managed Funds

  • Offers a choice of managed funds across asset classes such as Australian shares, international shares, fixed interest and cash investments.

ClearView Managed Portfolios

  • Offers a selection of ready-made portfolios that suits a range of risk profiles and investment timeframes.

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