Helping you to recover, at work and at home

If you’re on claim for an illness or injury, you may be eligible to access specialist support from your insurer to help improve your quality of life and, if possible, return to meaningful work.

What is recovery support?

This is generally a service provided by your insurer at no additional cost to you, while you’re on claim.

Recovery support services may help you improve your recovery from a long-term illness or injury, by assisting with your day-to-day functioning, health and wellness. It may also help with your gradual return to work if that is s appropriate for you.

Work can give many people a sense of purpose and identity, which can be impacted if you are off work for a long period of time. A recent study from the University of Pennsylvania in the US suggests there is a link between high levels of free time each day, and lower levels of wellbeing.1

The Royal Australasian College of Physicians’ Health Benefits of Good Work initiative, of which ClearView is a signatory, also points to the importance of ‘good work’ – in a healthy, safe workplace – in boosting your wellbeing.2

What kind of services can I access?

This is dependent on your insurer, but in general if you’ve made a claim for a serious illness or injury, your insurer may be able to work with you to help prepare an individualised recovery plan that aims to assist with improving your health, wellbeing and return to the workforce.

This plan could include a combination of:

  • Exercise physiology programs
  • Pre-vocational support or ‘pre-habilitation’
  • Return to work planning
  • Business and executive coaching
  • Specialist support for your condition (such as cancer, mental health or fatigue-related conditions)

For more detail on the recovery services that ClearView offers, see our wellbeing page here.

If you’re insured with ClearView, your recovery plan will be developed in consultation with any medical professionals you’re currently seeing for your illness or injury, to make sure the right approach is taken for you and your health.

How can I access recovery support?

If you’re currently on claim with us, you can let our claims team know that you’re interested in rehabilitation and recovery services. Alternatively, your claims consultant may also let us know that they think you’re a good candidate for these services.

How can I find out more?

If you’re a current ClearView customer and you’re on claim, or thinking of making a claim, you can fill out the form on our wellbeing and recovery page to find out more from our claims team, or contact [email protected]

Too much free time may be almost as bad as too little. American Psychological Association, 9 September 2021

Health Benefits of Good Work. Royal Australasian College of Physicians 2022

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