ViewPoint Magazine


Viewpoint - February 2017

In this edition we provide articles on buying insurance and the mistakes to avoid, the financial stages of life, superannuation reforms become law, life events can impact your super, and time management tips.


ViewPoint - November 2016

In this edition, we share some top tips to refresh your financial goals, we provide insights on superannuation reforms, how to protect the value of a homemaker, and why it's never too old to learn.

Viewpoint - August 2016

In this edition, we provide an article on the missing link in financial planning - insurance, life insurance and mental illness, ideas for topping up income in retirement, and raising stroke awareness.

ViewPoint - May 2016

In this edition, we provide an analysis on recent proposed Federal Budget and impact to your super, strategies to help save on tax and boost your wealth accumulation plans, and how to reduce your risk of heart disease.

ViewPoint - February 2016

In this edition, we provide insights on how getting the right advice along the way can make all the difference. We give you in the ins and outs on the aged care system and the cost involved, and the one ‘thing you should always insist on in the case of personal insurance.


ViewPoint - November 2015

In this edition, we provide knowledge on how to help you make sense of the rules of working part-time in retirement without reducing your pension, strategies on how to make sure your super passes into the right hands and tips on how you can look after your brain’s wellbeing.

ViewPoint - August 2015

In this edition, we provide information to consider when selecting a retirement village for you or your elderly parent, smarter ways to help you lower your life insurance costs through super and explain the changes to the way social security pensions will be calculated.

ViewPoint - May 2015

In this edition, we provide quick tips to get you set up for the next year and beyond, how you can achieve surprising results by following a few simple rules and the hidden costs of total and permanent disability.

ViewPoint - February 2015

In this edition, we provide insights on how to take hold of your retirement destiny, let you know the importance of your life and why it’s worth protecting and why topping up your super is a sensible option.


ViewPoint - November 2014

In this edition, we share some key ingredients which could whet the appetite for helping make real financial progress in the new year, insights on changes to the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, and what you need to do to get peace of mind for the summer holidays.

ViewPoint - August 2014

In this edition, we provide key principles of having customised financial advice through the major stages of life, explain the importance of having adequate life insurance for women and how the deeming of Account Based Pensions changes will affect you from 1 January 2015.

ViewPoint - May 2014

In this edition, we provide information on changes from 1 July 2014 for residents entering aged care facilities, give you the pitfalls of mortgage insurance and how much protection could this cover give you and explain the limits on increase in super contributions for 2014/15.