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Interacting with clients: Quick and easy video tool

How have your client interactions changed in recent times? While your number of interactions may have increased, are you sticking to the same old methods, or have you tried something different?

Clients like to connect in many different ways – some like a phone call, others may prefer to jump on Zoom, read an email or watch a short video update. One size (or approach) does not fit all.

With restrictions on face-to-face meetings, there are some really handy tools available and you don’t have to be IT savvy to use them. So why not impress your clients with something different?

In last month’s edition we provided a step-by-step overview for using Mailchimp, the electronic direct mail tool.

This month we check out the video tool, Loom.

Try this: Loom

Loom is a video recording tool that enables you to connect with clients with minimal effort or fuss. You can record your camera, mic and desktop at once and your video is instantly available to share via email, on LinkedIn or Facebook, in a text message or upload to client management software like XPLAN. Clients simply click on the link provided to view.

Why use Loom as a communication tool?

Video tools like Loom can be used for a range of purposes: as a post meeting summary of action steps, providing progress updates on applications or claims, or even wishing a client happy birthday.

Loom can also be used to simply touch base and say hi, or remind a client to get in touch if they have any questions or their circumstances have changed.

In short, when used well it can be great at building engagement.

Here’s our Loom cheat sheet to get you started.

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