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Creating your best LinkedIn profile

According to LinkedIn, there are 10,000,000+ registered users in Australia, with around 5,500,000 active monthly users.1 These are big numbers and indicate the growing role LinkedIn plays in our professional life. Jenny Pearse from Jenesis Consulting explains how to get the basics right.

During the current crisis, internet traffic has surged all around the world so it’s important to make it easier for people to find and learn more about you.

Those active on LinkedIn have discovered how easy it is to make their presence felt on this social media platform. In fact, LinkedIn is a bit like having your very own personal website. This means it needs ongoing attention.

Get the basics right

To create your best LinkedIn profile, complete these basic steps:

  1. Up to date information. No-one is impressed when you are still listed as being employed in a role you left two years ago. Make sure your details are current and reflect your current situation.
  2. Your headshot counts. LinkedIn estimates that having a profile photo results in up to 21x more profile views and 9x more connection requests.2 Keep your image natural and authentic, but this is not the place for a ‘selfie’. Don’t stop at your headshot, make sure you include an image for your profile banner as well.
  3. Own your brand. Customise your LinkedIn URL and own your name by heading to your profile page and locating the ‘Edit public profile and URL’ link. Here you will be able to edit and create your unique URL. It’s an easier way to promote your profile with a customised link.
  4. Make your profile about you. The most important content on your LinkedIn profile is your headline and summary. Your headline acts as a showcase of your focus or specialisation, helping to provide context to your profile. Write your story in the ‘About’ section and focus on you as an individual; now is not the time to write as if you are preparing your CV. Carefully consider any keywords that will improve the searchability of your profile.
  5. Take us on your journey. Allow people to see the pathway you have taken in your career and the evolution you’ve experienced. This is your opportunity to build a connection and begin the first steps of a trusting relationship.

When working through your profile, keep the language simple and easy to read; be mindful of over exaggeration and superlatives. Your profile is a virtual version of you. Tell viewers and connections where they can find you by including up to date contact information and a call to action.

By completing these steps, you will create a great LinkedIn profile that will show people who you are and what you represent.

Finally, like any form of marketing and communication it does involve commitment to grow your profile. Take the opportunity to participate and engage frequently so your community grows. You never know, your next client could be out their waiting for you to connect with them.

Jenny Pearse is Managing Director of Jenesis – a business and marketing consultancy she founded in 2006. For the past 14 years, Jenny has been helping financial services organisations, financial advisers, business owners and their teams to succeed and flourish in a rapidly changing landscape.

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