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COVID-19: Changing the way you interact with clients

Think about all the different ways businesses are communicating with you at the moment, during COVID-19. It’s possible you’re receiving more communication than ever before.

Despite some businesses being physically closed, there are still many opportunities to communicate with customers. In fact, being able to connect over a common experience provides an opportunity to deepen engagement.

Unfortunately there may be more one-on-one conversations about market volatility and financial hardship at the moment but with a sensitive and empathic approach, this can also help to create a more trusting relationship.

Communicate confidently with clients

In times like these, nothing beats one-on-one conversations with your clients. But how have you been communicating with your clients more broadly? Maybe you feel overwhelmed with where to begin.

A tactical communication and engagement strategy should be part of a wider marketing plan but in current times, may need to be adapted. By using the right tools however, you can streamline your processes, better engage your clients and make your business more profitable.

Knowing a client’s primary communication preference (e.g. phone, email) is a prerequisite, but when it comes to building engagement you can up the ante by using different channels such as electronic direct mail (eDM), videos, podcasts, websites and webinars. Let’s start with eDMs.

These days, eDMs are a very popular and convenient choice to engage people and share content. They can be a great way to bridge the communication gap and stay in regular contact with clients. Better still, they can simplify your life as an adviser.

There are some great examples out there from across all different industries. Think about the eDMs that have popped into your in-box recently and got your attention. Or the eDMs that you receive regularly. Why do they stand out? What value do they provide? How do they make you feel?

Try this: Mailchimp

If you’ve never used an email management system to send an eDM to clients, it’s never too late to try.
Mailchimp is a very simple eDM tool (there are others) that includes a host of features like customisable templates, personalised messages, and automated scheduling. Best of all, the basic version is available free of charge and lets you communicate to up to 2,000 subscribers.

Here’s our Mailchimp cheat sheet to get you started.

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