A life well lived is worth protecting

No two lives will ever be lived the same way, but the one universal truth that applies to all of us is that life can be fragile and unpredictable. This has a profound effect on our financial planning, as we move through life’s different phases.

The most efficient way to cope with life’s challenges is with sound risk protection planning. To illustrate, let’s meet Richard and take a look at how a life well lived is worth protecting.

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Take hold of your retirement destiny

For many people the idea of retirement is a hazy and nebulous notion, but there are good reasons to get to know your ‘retired self’ a lot better...and the sooner the better.

When we first start work, the concept of retirement can seem a million miles away. As we progress through our working life, we may start to dream of spending more time on our favourite pastimes, but seldom do we give serious thought to the nuts and bolts of how it will work and what it will feel like.

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Building a brighter future for your children

Unlike the world we grew up in, children today are born into a far more competitive environment. It is more difficult to get a head start in life, with education and specialisation now critical to job and income security. It’s therefore not surprising that many parents and grandparents want to provide an investment nest egg to give their children and grandchildren a platform to build an independent life.

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Give your parents the gift of a worry-free future

Remember how your parents would worry about you when you were younger? Hoping you would achieve a good education without going off the rails, wanting you to achieve a steady career and settle down with a solid life partner? Maybe you have ticked some of those boxes over the years, but as they grow older there may be a new concern they have about your future.

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