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Invest with us

Choosing your own investments can be challenging. Not only does it take time, it requires a lot of work to understand the way the financial markets behave. It also involves diligence, because financial markets can move quickly, catching you unaware. You need specialised expertise, always having your finger on the pulse. Thankfully, we have both.

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What's an implemented model?

We’re not an investment manager, so we don’t trade directly. We’re investment and research experts, and we use our knowledge to construct unique investment portfolios which we refer to as implemented models. These models are invested in underlying investment managers who trade stocks on your behalf. It’s designed to take the hard work out of managing your own investment; with each model tailored to a specific risk profile. They're developed and managed by our investment team, with one clear goal in mind – to help you earn money.

Our implemented models are available in WealthFoundations and WealthSolutions and can be accessed through your adviser. 

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Why choose implemented models?

With a comprehensive range of implemented models to choose from, you and your adviser can tailor these to suit your needs. Some benefits include:
  • Mix and match the models to suit your risk profile and lifestyle
  • Complete transparency on all the investment managers who are managing your money
  • Automatic rebalancing of your investment portfolio; meaning, as the market moves, we regularly update the implemented models to keep in line with your risk profile 
  • Active management and ongoing monitoring of your investment to help ensure it keeps up with market trends
  • Comprehensive reporting so you can keep track of how your investment is performing, 24/7
We are proud of our investment performance, and provide quarterly reports on all our models to give you complete transparency on how your investments are doing. 

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Experience backed by experience

A well-developed implemented model isn’t only about the asset class or the investment manager. It’s also about diversification. That’s why our investment team, in partnership with our investment managers, work collaboratively to bring together market insights, opportunities and trends to craft models to make sure all your eggs are not in the one basket.  This helps minimise investment risk while maximising your investment performance.

This investment partnership extends to you and your adviser, who helps manage your portfolio to ensure your financial goals are on track.

Our investment managers

No single investment manager can do the job on their own and across all asset classes, markets, all of the time. That’s why we have a panel of investment managers who are here to help make sure your earnings are maximised.

Below are some of the investment managers who are looking after your investment.

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