Investing with ClearView

Proactively investing can help you reach your financial goals sooner. We provide a single point of access to the financial markets, taking the hassle out of managing investments on your own. With a broad range of investment options and industry-leading strategies actively managed by a team of experts, we can help build your wealth today.

How will it help you

Use any investment earnings you make to help pay off the mortgage sooner, go on your dream holiday, or help fund a better lifestyle in retirement. You may also want to re-invest back into your investment portfolio to help accelerate your earning potential even more.

What we offer with ClearView WealthSolutions Investments

WealthSolutions Investments is a one-stop shop for your investment needs, available through your adviser. It’s very flexible and can be structured to suit your own investment strategy. 

Choose your own investments 

If you’re a savvy investor, we provide you with the tools and resources to make an informed decision when it comes to investing your money. With the help of your adviser, you can put together an investment portfolio tailored to your needs. 

Let us invest for you

Our implemented models are an easy way for you to invest with us. Managed by our experienced investment team, they are designed to meet investment objectives based on your risk profile. The investment strategies in these models are constantly monitored and updated so they adapt to the ever changing market. 

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Mix and match as you see fit

You can structure your portfolio to have us manage some of your investments while you invest the rest. Regardless of how you want to manage your investment, your adviser is there to guide you through the process. You also benefit from the experience of our investment team backed by some of the most reputable investment managers in the industry. 

What you get

WealthSolutions Investments combines investment choice and market leading technology to provide you with a product that is packed with features. This gives you the flexibility to transact in many ways:
  • Buy and sell a range of investments 
  • Receive contributions
  • Receive income from your investments
  • Pay fees, charges and taxes
  • Gear your investments with a margin lender

Choice and flexibility

We give you access to an extensive range of investment options and strategies. These include:
  • Implemented models. Choose from a range of implemented models carefully designed by our investment team for each risk profile. Each model is a complex blend of different investment managers, asset allocations and investment styles for diversification
  • Listed securities. Trade a range of equities, listed investment companies and fixed interest securities traded on the ASX
  • Managed funds. Access over 250 managed funds, including a number of wholesale funds not usually available to retail investors
  • Term deposits. Choose from a range of term deposits to add some certainty of income to your overall investment mix
  • Annuities. Access annuities including fixed term or lifetime

Online access

With all of your investments consolidated into the one account, managing and keeping track of your portfolio is easy. You can access your account anytime through our online portal. It includes great reporting functionality so you can check: 
  • Your investment portfolio valuation
  • Transaction statement
  • Income statement

Value for money

When it comes to investing, every dollar counts. We’ll help you save money wherever we can. This includes:
  • Straightforward, competitive fees that are easy to understand
  • Ability to combine accounts into a single family group to help you save on administration fees.
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Access the best

We’re experts in researching investment opportunities. For our implemented models, we use our knowledge to construct investment strategies and portfolios, and we use the expertise of specialist investment managers to invest your money. We work collaboratively to bring together market insights to identify trends and opportunities and give you access to a full range of investment options.

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How to get started

Help grow your wealth today. Simply contact your adviser who can guide you in answering these questions and get you started.

Don’t have an adviser? We have a network of over 200 advisers nationwide. Call us and we will put you in contact with one.  

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