Building your super

Super is a long-term investment to help provide the lifestyle you want when you retire. It’s never too early to start building your wealth and planning for your dream lifestyle in retirement. Not all super funds are created equal. It’s important that your super is flexible enough to give you control, so you can structure your investments to match your own financial situation.

How it can help you

Your super will likely be your most valuable asset when you retire. So if you have a picture in mind of the kind of retirement you want, now’s the time to make sure you’re getting the right advice. With the right plan in place, you can start growing your wealth to fund your dream retirement. 

What we offer

When it comes to structuring your super, we give you choices. Our two great products have different options that can be tailored to match your needs, financial goals and investment strategy that you have developed with your adviser. 

ClearView WealthFoundations

WealthFoundations is a straightforward super and pension fund for people who like their investments to be uncomplicated. In industry jargon, we call this a master trust, which basically means your funds are pooled with other investors and we, as trustee, purchase interests in underlying investments on your behalf.

Investment choices

  • Choose from 27 IPS Strategies (model portfolios) managed by us. You and your adviser can mix-and-match IPS strategies to match your risk appetite.
  • Set-and-forget with our LifeStages Strategy where we adjust your investment profile over time and keep you updated about any changes.
  • Allocate some of your investment to our Guaranteed Cash option, which provides security of capital, comfort that the redemption price will never fall and gives you fast access to funds.

Online access

Our online portal is available 24/7 if you want to make any changes or check how your super is tracking. 

Help protect from market surprises 

Our built-in Foundation Assurance Benefit helps protects your investment. This means, if you die at any age or if you are under age 65 and you become totally and irreversibly unable to perform certain Activities of Daily Living, we’ll top up your account (up to $250,000 per member) if your super amount is below the amount you initially invested (after taking into account withdrawals, rollovers out, fees and costs). 

Automatic rebalancing

Investments can drift from their target risk profile over time as the value of underlying options move with the market. We keep on top of market movements for you, regularly rebalancing your investment to bring it back in line with your strategy.

Smart allocation

Everytime you make a contribution into your investment pool, our Smart Allocation process ensures that any market movement since your last rebalance is taken into account. This means that we compare your target investment allocation to your actual holdings and allocate new contributions proportionately to their value below the target. This helps to ensure your investment continues to accumulate wealth for you.

Flexibility in retirement

As you grow near retirement, you have the ability to transition your super from wealth accumulation to an ongoing retirement income to suit your lifestyle. Find out more about retiring with us.

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ClearView WealthSolutions

WealthSolutions Superannuation and Retirement Income gives you access to a wider range of investment options, along with the ability to group several accounts into one family group to save on fees. In industry jargon, we call this a wrap platform, which means you can access managed funds, term deposits and listed securities and wrap them all together into one portfolio of investments.

Even more choices

  • Implemented models. Choose from a range of implemented models carefully designed by our investment team for each risk profile. Each model is a complex blend of different investment managers, asset allocations and investment styles for diversification
  • Listed securities. Trade a range of equities, listed investment companies and fixed interest securities traded on the ASX
  • Managed funds. Access over 250 managed funds, including a number of wholesale funds not usually available to retail investors
  • Term deposits. Choose from a range of term deposits to help add some certainty to your overall investment mix
  • Annuities. Access to annuities including fixed term or lifetime

Online access

With all of your investments consolidated into the one account, managing and keeping track of your portfolio is easy. You can access your account anytime through our online portal. It includes great reporting functionality so you can check: 

  • Your investment portfolio valuation
  • Transaction statement
  • Income statement

Value for money

WealthSolutions helps you save money with our market leading fee aggregation feature. By combining your family’s WealthSolutions Super, Retirement Income and Investment accounts into a single family group to help you save on administration fees. 

Effective tax management

Tax is calculated at an account level rather than fund level, giving you greater visibility of the tax outcomes for your investments. You can even nominate different tax parcels for investment sales to suit your tax situation for any given financial year. 

Flexibility in retirement

As you grow near retirement, you have the flexibility to transition your super from wealth accumulation to an ongoing retirement income.  Find out more about retiring with us.

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Access the best

ClearView is not an investment manager. Instead, we select from specialist managers to invest your money within well-researched asset allocations. All managers are selected on merit and how they will add to the overall performance and diversification of each strategy our investment team devises. We work with them to develop implemented models that takes the hard work out of managing your own investments. 

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Help protect your wealth

If you hold ClearView LifeSolutions Super insurance, you can pay your premium using money from your super account. This is set up to automatically rollover the annual premium due each year. 

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How to get started

Help grow your wealth with us today. Simply contact your adviser who can help answer all your questions and get you started.

Don’t have an adviser? We have a network of over 200 advisers nationwide. Call us and we will put you in contact with one.  

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