Retiring with ClearView

It's important that you have an adviser to give you the right strategic advice, so you’re making the most out of your retirement benefits. 

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What we offer

We have two products with different options that can be tailored to match your needs and financial goals. Your adviser can help guide you through the options. 

ClearView WealthFoundations

WealthFoundations is a super and pension fund. Your retirement money is managed through a master trust; meaning your funds are pooled with other investors and we manage your investment on your behalf. 

Investment choices

Your super money will continue to be invested throughout your retirement. 
  • Choose from 27 IPS Strategies (model portfolios) managed by us. You and your adviser can mix-and-match IPS strategies to match your risk appetite.
  • Set-and-forget with our LifeStages Strategy where we adjust your investment profile over time, while keeping you updated about any changes.
  • Allocate some of your investment to our Guaranteed Cash option. The redemption price will never fall and you have fast access to funds.

Help protect from market surprises

Our built-in Foundation Assurance Benefit helps protect your investment. This means, if you die at any age or if you are under age 65 and you become totally and irreversibly unable to perform certain Activities of Daily Living, we’ll top up your account (up to $250,000 per member) if your account is below the amount you initially invested (after taking into account withdrawals, rollovers out, fees and costs). 

Automatic rebalancing

Investments can drift from their target risk profile over time as the value of underlying options moves with the market. We regularly rebalance your investments to bring them back in line with your strategy.

Payment flexibility

You can choose for your pensions to be paid twice-monthly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly. You can also request ad-hoc payments if needed.

Online access

Our online portal is available 24/7 and allows you to make any changes or to check how your pension is tracking. 

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ClearView WealthSolutions

WealthSolutions Superannuation and Retirement Income gives you access to a range of investment options, which can bring more diversity to your retirement portfolio.


You may want to diversify your retirement portfolio across more investments, and WealthSolutions gives you options to choose from:

  • Managed funds, where you can choose from over 250 managed funds spanning a range of asset classes including Australian and global equities, property, fixed interest and cash.
  • Managed portfolios, a range of model portfolios to align with different risk profiles.
  • Australian and international listed securities, where you can access a range of equities listed on the ASX and international share markets. You can also invest in additional listed, securities as approved by us, such as listed investment companies, exchange traded funds and fixed interest securities.
  • Term deposits, choose from a range of term deposits to help add some certainty to your overall investment mix.
  • Cash, and other investments made available from time to time by us.

Online access

Your investments are administered through HUB24's platform, allowing your financial adviser to easily review your entire portfolio, make transactions on your behalf and manage your investments.

You can also access your account anytime through the InvestorHUB portal and the MyHUB app, which includes reporting functionality so you can have easy access to: 
  • The current valuation of your overall portfolio
  • a list of transactions for each of your investments and cash holdings
  • The proportion of your investments held in key asset classes
  • Your income statement

One location for your retirement needs

WealthSolutions gives you the ability to combine all of your investments in the one place. This includes potentially combining your family’s WealthSolutions Super, Retirement Income and Investment accounts into a single family group to help you save on administration fees (you can also include funds invested in our other platform fund - WealthSolutions 2).

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Control of who receives your benefit

With both our products, you have control over how your remaining pension is handled on your death. You can nominate different beneficiary types including:
  • Reversionary. Allows your pension to continue being paid to your nominee (as long as they are eligible under super rules)
  • Non-lapsing binding. Your remaining account balance is paid out in full to your nominee (as long as they are eligible under super rules)
  • Non-binding. We will take your nomination into account, but won’t be bound when considering who to pay your remaining account balance to

Our approach to your retirement income

Different asset classes and funds act and perform differently at certain times, so it’s important that you consult your adviser to develop an appropriate investment strategy.

Your investment portfolio may be made up of different asset classes and also different investment managers. We've developed a range of investment strategies based on specific risk profiles. With your adviser, you can tailor the strategies to suit your needs and risk appetite. 

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