Understanding Life Insurance

Why life insurance is important

We insure our cars, home, pet and even our health. But, many of us neglect to insure our most important asset – our lives. Whether you need to take time off work to recover from a sickness or injury; change your lifestyle due to a permanent disability, or you die unexpectedly, without your income, it can have a huge impact on you and your family’s quality of life. 

That’s where life insurance can help. Our range of life insurance covers can help you and your family financially if something bad happens to you. The right cover can help with:

  • Paying the mortgage or rent
  • Paying for your children’s education
  • Covering your day to day bills, and
  • Covering out-of-pocket medical expenses

How life insurance works

Life insurance is there to pay you and your family when you need it the most. This could be anything from a temporary sickness or injury, through to a permanent disability or death. Life insurance products differ by:

  • Events covered: Covers typically protects financially against sickness, injuries or death (or a combination of these)
  • Causes: Some types of cover are limited to accidents only, while others cover you for sickness and accident
  • Lump sum benefit vs daily benefit: Some types of cover pay the benefit as a one off lump sum, while others pay as an ongoing benefit amount. Insurance that makes regular payments typically cover you for the period that you’re out of action

You choose the type of cover and the benefit amount you need. To keep your cover in place, you need to pay your premiums. If you suffer an insured event while your cover is in place, you (or your beneficiaries if you’ve died) can claim the benefit amount, subject to satisfying the relevant terms and conditions. 

If the unfortunate happens, we will pay out on genuine claims. The conditions on which we pay out depend on the type of cover. Remember to consider this carefully before taking out cover and read the relevant PDS. 

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