Serious Illness Insurance

Why Serious Illness Insurance?

We know how much peace of mind insurance can provide. Especially when you’ve been diagnosed with a serious illness and your future may look bleak. Serious Illness Insurance is designed to:

  • Help reduce the financial stress so you can focus on your recovery
  • Cover you 24/7 worldwide 

Most importantly, our claims team will work with you to process your claim as quickly as possible. This can help reduce unnecessary stress so you can focus on getting better sooner. 

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How will it help me?

Dealing with a serious illness is hard enough without adding money worries. We can help you at this difficult time. A lump sum benefit can help you with major bills and expenses so you can focus on the really important part – getting well.

Here’s how the money could be used:

  • Cut back on the time you spend at work to help reduce stress
  • Access the best rehabilitation, which may be overseas
  • Take your dream holiday

Is it for me?

If you’re someone who has a family to look after and a mortgage or other large debts to pay off, consider how Serious Illness Insurance can help take care of your financial responsibilities when you’re unwell.

When you apply for cover, we will ask you some basic health questions. 

But don’t assume that if you have a pre-existing condition you can’t get cover – call us. We also have other products where you are guaranteed to be accepted.

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What's covered?

Serious Illness Insurance pays a lump sum benefit if you are diagnosed with a specified serious illness including cancer, benign brain tumour, heart attack, diabetes, stroke or coronary artery bypass.

There are three levels of cover:

  • Standard cover – $50,000
  • Plus cover – $100,000
  • Premium cover – $200,000

It also includes built-in features that give you more at no extra cost:

  • We automatically increase your benefit amount each year by a minimum of 5% to ensure the value of your cover is maintained (your premium will also increase with this)
  • Flexibility to put your cover on hold for up to 12 months 
Combined Product Disclosure Statement

Get into the detail to find out how our DIY Life Insurance products work, and what they do and don't cover.

What's not covered?

There are some situations where we won’t pay a claim. These include if in the first 90 days of your cover start date you suffer symptoms of or are diagnosed with one of the specified serious illnesses; you intentionally harm yourself or attempt suicide; or you make a claim for an illness that you had before you took out the cover.

Once you turn 65, we will only pay a benefit for the condition that results in ‘Loss of independent existence’. 

For more information about what is not covered, please refer to the PDS.