Life Insurance

Why Life Insurance?

We look after people and that’s all we do. Our Life Insurance cover is designed to:

  • Help give you and your family financial security with a lump sum benefit of up to $1 million if you're diagnosed with a terminal illness or die
  • Cover you 24/7 worldwide 

Most importantly, we make the claims process as easy as possible for your family when it matters the most. We put your family first. 

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How will it help me?

Knowing you can help look after your family when you’re no longer around can take a load off your shoulders. Money paid out can be spent on anything. Here’s how the money could be used:

Payout on terminal illness:

  • Put your affairs in order, such as paying for medical expenses not covered by other insurances
  • Use the money for day-to-day living expenses, because you were self-employed
  • Take a trip with your spouse while you are still well enough to travel

Payout to family after death:

  • Pay for the funeral
  • Pay down the mortgage and other debts to a manageable level
  • Hire a nanny to look after children before and after school so your family can continue working

Is it for me?

Life insurance isn’t for everyone. And not everyone can get full life insurance. 

If you’re someone who has debt or a family to look after, you might want to consider Life Insurance. When you apply for cover, we will ask you some basic health questions. 

If you're unable to get Life Insurance because you have a pre-existing medical condition, call us. We also have a range of covers that offer guaranteed acceptance, regardless of your health.

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What's covered?

Life Insurance pays out to you if you are terminally ill, or to your family if you die. It also includes built-in features that give you more at no extra cost:

  • Advance payout of $15,000 from the total benefit amount which could be used to cover funeral costs while we assess the full claim
  • We automatically increase your benefit amount each year by a minimum of 5% to ensure the value of your cover is maintained (your premium will also increase with this)
  • The option to put your cover on hold for up to 12 months 
Combined Product Disclosure Statement

Get into the detail to find out how our DIY Life Insurance products work, and what they do and don't cover.

What's not covered

There are some situations where we won’t pay a claim. This includes you not telling us the truth about your health or financial circumstances when applying for cover; suicide in the first 13 months of your policy; or if you die doing something illegal. For more information about what is not covered, please refer to the PDS.