Injury Cash Insurance

Why Injury Cash Insurance?

It’s all in the name. If you suffer from a range of specified injuries, we will support you with a lump sum benefit. For example, if you break your leg we will pay you up to $10,000. Injury Cash Insurance is designed to:

  • Reduce your financial stress after an injury
  • Help with unexpected expenses with a lump sum benefit
  • Cover you 24/7 worldwide

Most importantly, we make claiming as easy as possible for you when it matters the most. We promise to put you first. 

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How will it help me?

An injury can put you out of action and leave you out of pocket. Injury Cash Insurance offers financial help so you can get back to living independently sooner. 

Here’s how the money could be used:

  • Pay for out of pocket medical expenses
  • Fund the rehabilitation needed to get back on your feet
  • Use the money to get a taxi to and from work, and a cleaner to help around the house​

Is it for me?

Some of us are more accident-prone than others. And if you’re young, sporty, active, or do manual work – you’re probably more likely to hurt yourself. If this is you, you may want to consider Injury Cash Insurance to help protect you from life’s little accidents.

But, if you’re none of the above, that’s ok. Regardless of your health, anyone can take out cover. Some people get Injury Cash Insurance if they can’t get full sickness and accident life insurance, or just want a simple cover that pays out for certain accidents only. 

If you’re after something a little more comprehensive, we’ve got other types of cover that may be right for you.

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What's covered?

Injury Cash Insurance pays out for a range of things such as, if:

  • You suffer from one of the specified injuries, such as break one of the bones specified in the PDS
  • You are totally and permanently disabled as a result of an accident
  • You die as a result of an accident, within 90 days of the accident happening

You have the choice between the Standard and Premier plans. Both give you the option to put your cover on hold for up to 12 months. 

Combined Product Disclosure Statement

Get into the detail to find out how our DIY Life Insurance products work, and what they do and don't cover.

What's not covered?

There are some situations where you’re not covered and we won’t pay a claim. This includes: certain types of fractures; a claim as a result of you participating in any professional sport; doing something illegal; suicide; or injuries caused by anything other than an accident (e.g. pre-existing conditions). For more information about what is not covered, please refer to the PDS.