Optimising the client claims journey

Creating a great customer experience

It’s not enough to focus solely on customer service anymore. In an increasingly digital world where many products and services are fast becoming commodities, attention has shifted to customer experience (CX).

Customer experience broadly refers to the sum total of all interactions a customer has with a business whereas customer service typically comes after a purchase has been made. Simply put, customer service is only one aspect of customer experience.

Companies including ClearView are increasing investing in technology, people and processes to deliver a strong customer experience. It’s a key strategy for adding value and boosting customer satisfaction.

The latest Beddoes Claims Journey Report shows this investment is paying off.

According to Beddoes Institute, which bi-annually tracks the customer experience of advised clients who have had an income protection, trauma or TPD claim paid, ClearView achieved the highest overall client satisfaction rating.

Beddoes Institute’s methodology breaks the claim journey into five stages: lodging the claim; assessment process; payment processing; claims staff; and ongoing claims management. It examines key touch-points in the claim journey to determine if the needs and expectations of customers are being met at each stage.

Touch points are ranked in order of importance to the customer.

As such life insurers should focus on the areas that will deliver the greatest return on investment. Ideally, their top priority should focus on improving the speed and accuracy of the claim assessment process and keeping the client informed throughout the journey.

In the latest report, which included feedback from approximately 500 claims customers across the industry, ClearView was commended for its assessment speed; easy application process; accurate and timely payment; and clear and customised communications.

This all contributed to ClearView being ranked number one for customer satisfaction, a marked improvement on our performance in 2017.

Pleasingly, ClearView claims customers across all claim types (income protection, trauma and TPD) are most likely to recommend us to family and friends, with a Net Promoter Score (NPS®) of 77 – 40 points higher than the industry average.

Positively, the broader industry performed strongly in terms of overall satisfaction although respondents indicated more work needed to be done in the areas of: easy to work with; likelihood to recommend and customer effort.

Lee-Ann Barnard is Head of Claims at ClearView.